[2022] Best 4 Mind Map Softwares For Linux

By Fiona Brown to mindmap | 2022-07-06

Mind maps are systematic diagrams that graphically organize information and depict the relationships between the map elements in a hierarchy. Mind maps are productive tools to summarize data, generate ideas through brainstorming, and identify the root causes of any complex problem with structured thinking. These diagrams explain the roles of project elements with logical charts.

A mind map is a fantastic tool to generate, summarize, and connect ideas in a free flow. Hence you need a multiskilled mind map software that will improve your creativity and productivity and is flexible to incorporate new concepts to make complex ideas easier to understand. Here are the four best mind map software Linux ranging from free to paid packages compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and other OS.

Form Compatible systems (Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Anroid/Web) Price (Individual)
PDNob Mind MapEditor's Choice Web All $24.99/year
Mindmaster software/web All $59/Year
Coggle web All $50/Year
XMind software/web All $59/Year

1. PDNob Mind Map - Editor's Choice

The PDNob Mind Map is a web tool that makes your work simpler by visualizing your thoughts in structured, systematic diagrams. It is an excellent software for team collaboration and studies that helps you organize information and explore ideas. As a free Linux software, PDNob Mind Map allows you to read and write summaries, plan complex projects, conduct detailed research and solve complex problems online. In addition to Linux, it runs on multiple OS like android, Win, IOS, Mac, web, etc. You can get it in an economical package of $24.99/year.

What stands out?

  • Web-based without download;
  • Compatible with all the OS systems;
  • The basic framework and themes are configured;
  • Most affordable;

What Cons did We Manage to Find?

  • New products are still being improved, and the product functions are relatively small.
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2. Mindmaster

The Mindmaster is a flexible mind map tool that you can use online on the web or as software on your PC or other devices. It is an amazing mind map software Linux for creating diagrams such as flowcharts, corporate diagrams, concept maps, floor plans, network diagrams, etc. Mind master features a user-friendly and responsive UI and a community where users can communicate and share their knowledge. It runs on all OS like Linux, Win, Mac, and Android, making it easier to sync files across devices. The software only costs you $59/year for all its professional features.

Why did it Make Our List?

3. Coggle

Coggle is an easily affordable and creative web tool for creating mind maps and team collaboration. This mind map software Linux is best for collecting, summarizing, and organizing data and integrating concepts and pieces of information into a single diagram. It requires no storage as you can use it online without any downloading. You can easily create collaborative mind maps and powerful process flow diagrams with Coggle. It runs on Linus, Win, Android, web, Mac, and multiple other OS at an affordable $50/year.

4. Xmind

XMind is the best free mind mapping software and web tool that allows its users to create various adaptive mind map structures to represent ideas in a hierarchical order. With Xmind, teams can brainstorm and solve problems after logically gathering ideas and concepts. Xmind supports local area collaboration best for educational institutions and small or medium-sized businesses. Xmind runs on all operating systems, including Linux, and comes at a reasonable cost of $59/year.


Mind mapping is getting better as several new software and web tools provide a creative and versatile mind mapping environment to their users. All the mentioned tools are best for mind mapping for various reasons like low-cost and better team collaboration. You can use any of these tools for mind mapping on a Linux OS.

A Pioneering Mind Map Tool

PDNob Mind Map

A full-featured mind mapping and brainstorming tool to help generate ideas visually.