How to Make a Flowchart In Google Docs

By Fiona Brown to flowchart | 2022-07-14

A flowchart is a visual representation of steps in a process as dictated by the sequential order. It is a very versatile tool as it can take many distinct forms according to requirements and fulfill different purposes. The best way to make a flowchart nowadays is using a flowchart creator with all shapes, connectors, and terminators. So, let us move on and discuss how to make a flowchart in Google Docs.

Part 1: How to Make A Flowchart in Google Docs

Google Docs is a top-rated and practical tool backed by Google technology for precise and robust creation and modification of word processing documents. Also, it includes tools to insert pictures, create drawings, and insert shapes to add more value to documents. We can also use the shapes and drawing features in Google Docs to create flowcharts. It is a handy tool because many reports and support documents are created in Google Docs, so we can also create the supporting flowchart inside the same tool. So, how to make a flowchart in Google Docs? Here is the step-by-step guide.

Step 1

The first step to creating a flowchart online for free is to open a new Google document. Now, to start the creation of the flowchart, you click on the "Insert" menu in the File menu and then choose "Drawing>New."

You will see a new popup window that is your canvas for the new drawing.

new insert
Step 2

You can notice some buttons and icons on the top of the popup window. Here, the symbol with a circle over a square is used for inserting shapes in the drawing. Please choose your required shape and then place it on the canvas.

Step 3

You can select and place the required shapes on the canvas. Additionally, you can insert text on your shapes using the "text" tool available on the side of the shape tool with a capital letter "T." You can also customize the font and size of the text.

Step 4

Along with the shapes, you can use the line as the connector to create a sequence of the process steps. Repeating these steps will eventually support you in making your complete flowchart.

Step 5

Use the "Save and close" button on the top right of the pop-up window to save your work. You can always edit this flowchart again by clicking the flowchart and selecting "Edit."


Part 2: How to make a flowchart in PDNob Flowchart Tool?

In the previous section, "How to make a flowchart in Google Docs," you must have realized that this is a simple barebone arrangement for making a flowchart. On the other hand, PDNob Mind Map is a free online mind mapping tool that can be used to draw every type of flowchart quickly and with more advanced tools.

  • 1.Easy to use
    PDNob has an easy drag and drops feature with a wide array of shapes and icons on the left-hand side. Also, you can search the shapes by name and insert them right away. Also, you can customize the drawing and arrange it according to the grid, you can use different page types like portraits, landscapes, and others, and backgrounds are also available.
  • 2.Intuitive Tools
    Intuitive tools like drag and drop, colored lines, and an incredible array of shapes combine to make PDNob a great tool. Then there are unique shapes for entity relationships and UML to elevate the details and advance features of your flowcharts.
  • 3.Export option
    You can also export your previous work in PNG, jpeg, and other formats into PDNob to continue work on them and make them more advanced.

How to Use PDNob Flowchart Tool?

PDNob is an advanced flowchart maker that helps you to organize your ideas and develop or show your process flow visually. It is effortless to use and takes a few minutes to build an advanced flowchart. Here is how you will create a flowchart in PDNob.

Step 1

Log in to your account and navigate to Add New -> flowchart -> Add New:

add new
Step 2

Select the required shapes from the left-hand side panel and place them on the canvas to shape your flowchart.

drag and drop
Step 3

Customize the shapes

You can change the fill color, borders, line color, and other styling options of your shapes to make them more aesthetic and structured. Explore the Style toolbox for this. Similarly, use the font settings for text stylization.

style text arrange
Step 4

Add Connectors:

After identifying and placing process steps, you will add an association to make the flow. Select the Connection Point in the right toolbar and use connectors to add flow between shapes.

Voila! our fully customizable flowchart is ready.

add connector

Tips: How to Circle Something in Google Docs?

1.In your Google Docs document, navigate to ‘Insert’ > “Drawing” > “New.”

2.In the drawing, go to ShapeShape>Oval in the top toolbar.

3.For a circle, you will make the same width and height of the oval or press shift and then draw a circle.

4.Now go to colors and select the fill color as transparent, or you can choose any color or gradient if you want.

5.Now, add the element, i.e., text, number, ShapeShape, drawing, or image that you want to circle. Set its alignment to the center by clicking the three dots menu on the right corner.


Flowchart started as a simple tool; however, it has grown into a very advanced tool for mind mapping, swimlane diagrams, process visualization, and much more. In this article, we have discussed how to make flowcharts in Google Docs, make more advanced versions of flowcharts using PDNob, circle something in google docs, and create online flowcharts free.

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