[Guide] Flowchart Symbols with Examples

By Fiona Brown to flowchart | 2022-07-13

A flowchart is the easiest way of organizing the information and ensuring that it’s easier to interpret. Many people don’t understand this but there are different shapes and symbols in the flowchart that indicate a specific meaning. These symbols help create a flowchart and improve understanding. So, if you want to know more about flowchart symbols, let’s check out the article in detail.

Basic Flowchart Symbols

Document Symbols Name Function
start/end symbol Start/End Symbol It represents all the endpoints, start points, and a potential result of the path.
input/output symbol Input/Output Symbol This symbol is also known as a data symbol and shows the data that’s available for output or input and represents the generated or used resources.
input/output symbol Decision Symbol It shows the question that has to be answered and might be split into various branches, depending on the outcomes and/or answers.
action or process symbol Action or Process Symbol As the name suggests, it represents the function, action, or process and is the most used symbol.
predefined process symbol Predefined Process It shows the complicated operation or process that’s popular somewhere else as well.
delay symbol Delay Symbol As the name reflects, it indicates a delay in the process.
flowline symbol Flowline It shows the process’s direction and is used to connect two blocks

Here is the example.


Audit Flowchart Symbols

Document Symbols Name Function
document symbol Document Symbol This symbol shows the output or input of the documents.
multiple docuemnt symbol Multiple Documents Symbol This symbol represents various reports or documents.
input/output symbol Database Symbol This symbol shows data that are housed on a specific storage service and allows filtering and searching.
action or process symbol Preparation Symbol It helps differentiate between steps that prepare you for steps and work that actually performs something.

Here is the example.

audit flowchart example


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